Best Rustic Décor for Small Cabins

If you have a small cabin on the lake or mountain, you probably want the best rustic decor for your home away from home. The best bet is to pick a theme and carry it with you through the different rooms of the cabin. This is a lot easier in a small cabin due to the limited space. It's also a good idea to choose a color palette for the walls and floors that is in keeping with your theme and makes you and your family feel comfortable ad relaxed. Light earthy colors are a perfect complement to a small cabin space because they can make the rooms look airy and comfortable.

Handcrafted wooden furniture always adds a rustic and homey touch to any cabin. If your floors are hardwood, then consider a few throw rugs in different areas of the cabin. Sturdier rugs in earth tones are great for high traffic areas while softer fur rugs can be perfect for sitting by the fire. If you've chosen a theme, like bears or forest scenes for your cabin, you can find all sorts of lodge decor items like switch plates, candles, coat racks, curtains, and bedding that feature your chosen theme. Hall trees are always a useful addition to any cabin just because of the need to store coats and equipment in an easy to access area.

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