Bringing the Down Home to Your Home

Do you want to bring that down home feeling to your home, cabin, or lodge? With the right rustic decor items you can give any room or home the feel of homes from a simpler time and place. Whatever your vision of down home is, you can bring it to reality by looking for pieces that reflect cabin life.

  • Quilts. Quilts have been used as bedding, wall art, and couch throws for years. These typically handmade items are an art that's still with us. Having several well placed quilts in your home can give it that down home feel.
  • Tin Signs and Wall Art. Decorating your walls with tin signs and cut metal art is another way to bring the down home into your home. Simpler folks were never able to afford fancy art for their homes, but tin was cheap and readily available to be turned into art.
  • Braided Rugs ‚Äì Braided rugs were very common in many households from long ago because they were simple to make and could be created from cast off rags and other such extra pieces of cloth. Braided rugs are a great way to give your cabin decor that down home look and feel.

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