How To Design A Color Scheme For Your Cabin

There is little that is more exciting than decorating your cabin, and choosing rustic colors, textures, and fabrics to truly make your cabin a log dream home. But, decorating a cabin comes with its own challenges and mainly, that comes in the form of the cabin's color scheme. Because log cabins are by their very nature made of wood, you will already have one color that you must work with. The wood inside and outside of log cabins are beautiful and working with any wooden color shouldn't be a problem. However, you will have to keep that color in mind when designing the color scheme of the cabin because everything else will play off that color. In your cabin's color scheme, this is known as the primary color. 

 Another challenge that comes with decorating log cabins is that they typically have an open floor plan. While this adds to the charm and coziness of any cabin, it also makes choosing the color scheme of the cabin more difficult. You don't want to make all the areas the same color, even though they're technically all one big room. However, you also need to avoid combining colors that are too contrasting, or that don't blend together nicely. These colors are known as the secondary colors in any color scheme. 

 Lastly, you'll want to choose your accent colors. These are the colors that will be used for things like furniture, window treatments, accessories, and appliances. The great thing about accent colors is that they can really be any color that you want, and they can even be very bold against the primary and secondary colors. Choosing to use dark blue throw pillows in a room where the walls are a light cream or pale yellow color is a great way to use a strong accent color against a soft secondary color. Once you figure out what you want your cabin's color scheme to be, you'll be amazed at just how easily the rest of your cabin decor falls into place. The color scheme is at the bottom of every design scheme and the case is no different when it comes to your rustic log cabin!