What's The Difference Between A Cabin Comforter And A Cabin Quilt?

When it comes to your cabin bedding, you may be trying to decide between cabin comforters or cabin quilts. Either is a good choice, and will be beautiful additions to your cabin. But, there are some differences between the two, and it's a good idea to find out what they are before stocking your cabin's linen closet. Cabin comforters are generally very large and bulky and are filled with stuffing. There are different types of stuffing that can be used, including cotton batting, which can make the comforter even bigger; matted down cotton, which will make the comforter thinner, heavier, and warmer; or down comforters, which are filled with feathers. Down comforters will be the warmest, but are also the most expensive. The most popular comforter option is a polyester filled comforter. Polyester is a man made product that has the same properties of containing warm like down. These types of comforters are more economical and definitely easier to take care of making them the best choice for cabin beds. While cabin comforters are very warm, they aren't always the best option. If you want to have some blankets out on your couch in the living area, or on a porch, you'll probably find that comforters are too large and unwieldy for such use. 

Cabin quilts are another beautiful choice for your cabin and these too, will keep you very warm. However, cabin quilts are much thinner and aren't always filled with batting, although some are. They do usually have a backing to them, but that's more to complete the look of the quilt and to attach the patchwork than it is to provide warmth. These quilts though are just the thing when you want to have some blankets out for guests, or for when you're out on your cabin's porch sipping hot chocolate in the evening. Cabin quilts are also known for their decorative look and so have many more uses such as wall hangings, artwork when displayed on a quilt rack, or placed as an heirloom in a hope chest. 

 Both cabin comforters and cabin quilts come in a large variety of styles although comforters tend to have themes to them or be decorated in a solid pattern, while quilts use patchwork to typically lay out a pattern. This pattern can be repeating, or it can also show a picture. It also used to be thought that cabin quilts were generally more expensive than cabin comforters. However that's not true today and both types of cabin bedding can be found in many different price ranges. All of the prices on our cabin quilts and cabin comforters are very affordable and come in many different styles. Make sure to check them all out when you're trying to find the perfect cabin bedding for your neck of the woods!