Cabin Decorating Ideas

Whether your cabin is on a mountainside near a ski resort, on the edge of a lake or nestled deep into a forest, it is a wise idea to decorate it so that it is not only functional for this outdoorsy lifestyle, but pleasing to the eye as well. Some of the most important furnishings for the decorator are: The floor coverings. Artwork for the walls. Different types of furniture. Bedding and drapery. Accessories, such as lamps, and sculptures. When you and your family members walk into your cabin they are likely to bring in soil from the woods, sand from the beach or bits of grass and leaves stuck to their shoes. 

This is why it is important to have cozy throw rugs at the front and back door. The rugs help catch the debris and prevent you from having to mop, sweep or vacuum as often. If your cabin is situated in the country, try braided or rag rugs to ensure a cozy ambiance. If the cabin is strictly used during the hunting season, sisal rugs or ones with animal prints are a wise choice. These also work well to catch sand from the beach when you and your family traipse back and forth to grab refreshments or extra towels. 

Shop for wall artwork that exudes the type of ambiance you desire in your home. For instance, if it is primarily used as a weekend country retreat, hang pictures or other artwork that have country or other peaceful looking scenes. If the cabin is lakeside, choose pictures with marine life, sailboats or picturesque scenes of the sunset over the water. Upholstered furniture in a cabin should be durable, very comfortable and easy to keep clean. This is because many of your family and guests will enjoy outdoor activities during the day and be ready for cozy comfort in the evenings. Have the fabrics treated with a stain-resistant coating after purchasing the upholstered pieces. This is a smart way to ensure that it looks attractive for many years. 

Have plenty of occasional tables, such as coffee and end tables available in the living room or den. These allow the occupants to put down their beverage while watching TV or gives them a place to set their magazines, books or puzzles. Opt for rustic or simple styles that encourage the occupants to rest their feet on the coffee table or simply relax without worrying about a soda can ruining costly furniture pieces. Select bedding and draperies that reflect the type of atmosphere you want to create in your cabin. For instance, if you use it as a hunting cabin, select western or outdoorsy prints. If it is located near a lake, you may want to choose solid fabrics in pale shades to give the cabin a calm, breezy look. 

Southwestern prints are another wise choice for country homes. The accessories you place in the cabin, such as lamps, sculptures and other decor help set the tone. If you desire a Western ambiance, choose lamps with a cowboy print, lassos or horseshoes on the shades. Add bold sculptures and heavy pottery on the occasional tables. A beach side cabin is the perfect place to display your collection of ceramic lighthouses, anchors or other nautical-inspired artwork. Vases and picture frames accented with seashells or hemp are another interesting choice for the decor in your home.