Things To Consider For Your Cabin Lighting

When it's time to light up your cabin's space, don't be content with just hanging some boring lighting fixtures on the walls or setting up a floor lamp and calling it a day. Cabin lighting doesn't only provide a functional purpose, it can also greatly add to your cabin's decor. And putting a little bit of thought into it really can go a long way and make you not only appreciate your beautiful cabin lighting more, but can also give you more functionality out of your lights. When you need to light a large space such as a den or a bedroom, a domed lighting cover is a great choice because it will diffuse the light nicely yet remain out of the way. Again though, don't just choose a generic dome that you can find on any department store shelf. Choose a rustic lighting fixture such as a dome that has copper designs of moose or pine cones. 

These items will make that subtle yet significant change to your cabin lighting. If there are small reading areas in your cabin consider using a rustic wall sconce as a lighting fixture. These can offer a very bright light in a very small space, which is exactly what you need for reading nooks. And of course you again want to always keep that rustic theme in mind and look for sconces that are made from natural materials and that have natural elements in its design. And don't forget that cabin lighting isn't just about the fixtures either. 

Swap out those old lighting switch plates that come in boring white or ivory plastic and replace them with rustic light switches that come in beautiful materials such as wood, copper, or other metal. When you're decorating your cabin, cabin lighting plays a big part in it. It can be used to highlight certain areas and add atmosphere to others. 

Cabin lighting is really about adding those little rustic touches to things that you need in your cabin anyway. When it's time to jazz up your cabin lighting and change it to something a little more rustic and a little more "lodge living,' make sure you check out all the cabin lighting options we have to offer. Whether you want a subdued pine leaf wall sconce, or an adorable and playful wooden carved bear lamp, we have lighting options for every decor and all the accessories you need to go along with them too!