Things To Consider When Choosing Window Treatments For Your Cabin

Window treatments can truly make or break the overall design scheme of any cabin. If they're too understated, they're just going to look plain and boring. But if you work in too many different styles and patterns, window treatments just start to overpower the rest of the design scheme, and they'll end up making the entire space looking too busy. That doesn't mean that you can't have beautiful window treatments in every room of your cabin though. When choosing cabin window treatments, you can choose different patterns and prints for different rooms, but never mix patterns within the same room. Also, choose bold and dramatic window treatments for the main living areas of the cabin and leave understated treatments for other areas. This doesn't mean however that the drapes in your cabin's living room need to be colorful and bright and filled with prints and patterns.

Dramatic window treatments can be as simple as full-length curtains or pleated drapes. Incorporate the design theme of other rooms when choosing the window treatments for other parts of the cabin. A great choice for kitchens is to use a sheer curtain with a country or rustic valance. Valances also work great in bedrooms, where they can don the top of Venetian blinds and still greatly add to the design scheme of the room. If you know the style of cabin window treatments that you want to use, but are still aren't sure as to what style of window treatments you really want, come check out our huge selection. We have valances, tabbed curtains, tie-back curtains, and more that come in many different cabin and country themes. Plus, they also match many of our cabin bedding options, so you can coordinate your entire cabin!