Ways to Use a Camo Comforter Set

Many would think that camouflage is only used for concealment purposes. Soldiers use camouflage to hide themselves from their enemies. There are certain animals who have skin changing abilities to hide themselves from predators. However, camouflage design is also used in household items like beddings. A camouflage comforter set or camo comforter set is popular for use in rustic cabins or in homes with rustic interior design themes. Camouflage patterns are some of the most recognizable and popular patterns used around the world. Originally designed for military tacticians or sportsmen, the camouflage design have also become popular for use among the general population. Camouflage designs allow users to connect and blend in with natural surroundings. This gives people a feeling of simplicity and serenity that is sorely needed in today's hectic and complicated living. That is why a camo comforter set is a person's best friend when he or she goes to sleep. The camouflage design enables to person to get a relaxing night's sleep. There are many domestic and home improvement retail stores that sell camo bedding products like sheet sets, complete bedding sets, and comforters. These stores also offer valances, drapes, shower curtains, slip covers, and decorative pillows to complement that camo comforter set and to provide a sense of comfort and relaxation. Professional interior designers and amateur designers have been experimenting with camouflage designs for many years. The best way in decorating using camouflage patterns is complementing one's bedroom with simple wooden furniture and earth tone or natural colors. When designing bedrooms, designers always would use a camo comforter set and incorporate some rustic decorative elements like camouflage pillows and curtains to create a theme. The trick is to allow the bedding to be a room accent instead of letting the bedding overpower the room's theme. Camo bedding helps by accenting the camo comforter set with a bed skirt of a solid color. By providing breaks in the camo pattern, the beddings do not overpower the room. It also helps by adding neutral colors. A neutral wall color or a neutral-colored rug would do the trick. To add to the rustic effect, a live plant can give the impression that the person is truly in a peaceful surrounding. Realtree and Mossy Oak are two noted manufacturers of camouflage comforter sets and beddings. The Hardwoods Green HD Camo Bedding pattern is very realistic. It gives the impression that one is really outdoors and in the woods. The camo designs are inspired by realistic brown and green leaves, cottonwoods, and white oak. The pattern lends a medium to medium dark appearance. Realtree's Max 4 HD Camo Bedding would appeal to waterfowl enthusiasts as the pattern of the camo comforter set integrates millet, cattails, corn stalks, Milo, maple and oak leaves, sunflowers, oak and cedar limbs, and other plant life. The pattern lends an appearance with a medium to medium light shade. Camouflage comforter sets are a designer's dream. There are various designs to choose from. These designs are derived from natural elements like the sandy shores to the lush forests. Customers and designers would be delighted with varieties home improvement stores offer.