How to bring a camouflage bedding pattern into your bedroom!

What do you do when your significant other comes home and says Honey I want to put camouflage bedding in the bedroom?" Well, rest easy. There are fashionable ways of decorating your bedroom with camouflage patterns that are tasteful if done properly. The first thing you want to do is look at the overall layout of the bedroom. Obviously, the bed is going to be the focal point, but look at the size of the room and how much light comes in the room from both the windows and the light fixtures. Camouflage (Camo) bedding patterns come in many shades and colors. While having up to ten different colors in a camo pattern, the overall" appearance is what you need to be concerned with given how light or dark you want the room to appear. In a smaller bedroom, you would want to use a camouflage pattern that is lighter in appearance. 

The opposite can be said with a larger room. The two largest manufacturers of Camouflage patterns are Mossy Oak. They have been making camouflage patterns for hunting since the mid 1980's and they offer some really nice looking patterns. All of these camo patterns are based on a principle of layering branches, leaves, and bark over a vertical background that gives a three-dimensional appearance. Today's camo designs are developed by using sophisticated computers and cameras to give a photo-realistic appearance on the fabric that gives a true sense of being out in nature. So how do you go about bringing camouflage into the bedroom? Today, almost everything from rugs, lampshades, and light switches can be found in a camouflage pattern. 

However, the best way to start is with the bed. Camouflage comforter sets have been created by professional designers that allow the camouflage pattern to be brought into the room but not overpower it. They do this by blending in a solid color into the bed set. Typically the bedskirt and the reverse side of the pillows will be made in a solid color in order to provide a nice contrast to the camo pattern. In regards to camouflage patterns, each manufacturer has their most popular. Realtree makes Hardwoods Green, Advantage Classic, Max 4, and All Purpose (AP) is based on upland hardwoods trees like oak and cottonwood which gives a medium to medium dark appearance. Advantage Classic is one of the original camo patterns that has a medium dark look to it. 

Max 4 is a pattern that was designed for waterfowl hunters. It is deigned with a marsh look of reeds and cattails plus a variety of other plant life. This pattern offers a lighter look and is one of the most popular patterns for bedding. All Purpose or AP is the newest woodland pattern to be developed and is quickly becoming a favorite. This pattern also has a lighter appearance. has two patterns that are used in camo bedding. 

The New Break Up pattern is based on their original Break Up pattern. Its enhanced detail of leaves and tree branches create shadows in the pattern and gives a medium dark appearance. Treestand is a newer design that features bare limbs silhouetted against a gray sky which gives a medium to medium light appearance. 

 One of the newest patterns to come out is the Bone Collector Series. This pattern is not actually a camouflage pattern but a pattern that was designed from Michael Waddell's popular outdoors TV show - The Bone Collector. This very popular bedding package features the Bone Collector logo on a solid brown background. 

For the female outdoor enthusiast, All Purpose (AP) Pink has been created. This pattern was developed from the All Purpose pattern that is lightened up with a pink background. Kids will also want to have camo bedding in their rooms. Individual camouflage comforters and sheet sets are available for when you do not need to have a complete comforter set. This can be a cost effective way of bringing in camo bedding into their room. They are available in many of the same popular patterns from twin sizes on up. One of the most important things to do is find out which pattern that your loved one likes.People are very passionate about the camouflage patterns they like. You can ask them directly or look at the clothing they wear. In every licensed camouflage pattern, you will find the Realtree and Mossy Oak brand with pattern name blended in the pattern itself. It will be in small print, but it will be there. If he or she has a favorite pattern, you will discover that ALL of his/her clothes are labelled with the same pattern. This is a good trick to know if you are buying camo bedding or clothing as a gift. 

 Once you have picked your pattern, add other things from nature in the room. A glass bowl filled with pine cones or a large vase filled with branches standing on the floor will enhance the outdoor feel to your bedroom. Live plants always look good and are a green" way to go when decorating. If you are feeling ambitious, add some neutral colors to the room by painting the walls. Camouflage bedding can be fun. Use it a beginning to your bedroom makeover and let your imagination go wild" with nature!