Camouflage Bedding Themes

Contrary to what a lot of people might think, camouflage is not only used by soldiers to protect themselves during battle. Camouflage is not only exclusive to animals who can change their appearance whenever they want to hide themselves from their enemies. Nowadays, camouflage can be a versatile design them. Products that use camouflage include camouflage bedding and accessories, pillows, slumber bags, and buck throws. Realtree and Mossy Oak are some of the official manufacturers of camouflage bedding products. Aside from bedding, other camouflage related products include comforters, pillows, shower curtains & accessories, valances & drapes, shower & curtain hooks, wall paper borders, toilet seats, bath rugs, towels, bear pillows, buck pillows, elk pillows, and lounge pillows.

Mossy Oak's Treestand camouflage bedding features a new camo pattern that has bare tree limbs silhouetted against a late fall gray sky. The overall pattern lends an appearance of a medium to medium light shade. The overfilled comforters lend extra comfort. An example of an elegant camo bedding design is the Luxury Oak Camo Bedding. The comforter set comes with a neckroll pillow and two throw pillows for that interior designer look. This pattern features the colors of mid-autumn. It also features neutral-toned design that offers a lot of contrast as compared to other patterns. For a more masculine feel, the Buckmark Green camouflage bedding set is perfect for stylish men. This conventional camo pattern has a contemporary twist. The Buckmark deer head logo is concealed within the pattern. The Browning logo pillows and the flanged shams add a whole lot of appeal to the set. This pattern is perfect to be used in a boy's bedroom.

Nature-loving women are also not left behind. The Buckmark Pink Camouflage bedding set is the traditional camouflage design, but with a slight quirk. The bedding is colored pink, which does not exactly blend with the surroundings. The Buckmark deer head logo is concealed within the camo pattern. What makes this set even more appealing are the modern style, the Browning logo pillows, and the flanged shams. This is a very popular pattern and would look great in a young girl or teenage girl's bedroom. While not a camouflage bedding example, the Burgundy Buckmark bedding features tan Browning Buckmark logos on a black plaid and burgundy background. The modest yet traditional design will create a peaceful and calm feeling, which is similar to what people feel out in the lush countryside. Completing this non-conventional camouflage bedding set is a tan sheet with the Buckmark logo print. Realtree's Max 4 HD Camo Bedding pattern is a favorite among waterfowl aficionados. The pattern includes millet, cattails, corn stalks, Milo, maple and oak leaves, sunflowers, oak and cedar limbs, and other plant life. The patterns give an overall color of medium to medium light shading. The continuous channel quilting methods help hold down the polyester fill without it bunch up during the washing process. These camouflage bedding sets are also fade-resistant.

In all, camouflage bedding sets are best used by people who love the outdoors. Those who have other design tastes may even come to appreciate what the camouflage pattern has to offer.