How Carved Bears Can Really Make Your Home Feel Like Your Cabin

Once you have established a cabin theme in a specific room in your home, or throughout your entire home, with the big items such as traditional rustic furniture, printed curtains, and metal antler light fixtures, you need to add the small touches that finish the look and make your home really feel like a cabin. Carved bears are a traditional and welcoming detail in any authentic cabin or lodge and your home will need a few to complete the look. 

There are many different types of carved or wooden bears on the market but you can trust to showcase the carved bears made from the highest quality materials and with the highest cute quotient. Use the carved bears throughout your home to firmly establish and complete your cabin look. In a living room or den, try a simple bear statue as a book end or accent piece. Add a carved bear lamp to an end table or shelf or place a bear coaster holder with paw print coasters within easy reach for guests. A lamp with carved bears would also be a welcome addition a master or guest bedroom. 

For the bathroom, offers toilet paper holders, towel racks and rings and waste paper baskets with wooden bear accents. Install switchplate covers in any room for one more whimsical touch. You can even continue your rustic cabin theme to the exterior of your home with solar lights decorated with carved bears. Welcome guests to your home with ecofriendly lights that will let them know unequivocally where you stand.