Cheap Ideas for Decorating a Log Cabin

Cabins have come a long way from the old log cabins that were once built by our forefathers. Even with the more modern cabins of today, people still want to decorate and really make it their own. Making it a cozy retreat for your family is what its all about. But you don't need to become cabin-poor to show off your flair and personality with cabin flair. You just need to know how to decorate your cabin for cheap! Start by thinking about your furniture. This is what you're actually going to be living in, lying on, and relaxing on so you want this to be exactly what you want, and you can build the rest of your log cabin decor around it. 

Generally, the interior walls and cabinets are all done in woodwork in log cabins so it's usually a good idea to stick with this idea when choosing your furniture. To get the exact look you want, and to get a custom color wood to go with the rest of your interior decor, buy some wooden furniture at a garage sale and refinish it. You can choose a light or dark varnish and do the job yourself, which can save you hundreds of dollars on furnishing your log cabin. Nature, nature, nature! Log cabins are all about nature so bring the outdoors in when choosing your log cabin decor. Place a wicker basket as a centerpiece on the coffee table or in the dining room and fill it up with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Or, when you're out walking around the area, pick up items like pine cones, rocks, or anything else that peaks your interest and use them around your cabin as accessories. 

This is a great, and very cheap way to decorate your log cabin. And of course, keep coming back here to check out our clearance items. We're always filling up our clearance racks with new items that have just gone on sale, and this is a great way to decorate your cabin for cheap. Here you'll find all the accessories, furnishings, rugs, lighting options, and everything else that you need to decorate your cabin in style and for cheap too!