Cheap Log Cabin Decorating Ideas

There are so many great things about log cabin decorating! It's easy, it's fun and most of all, it can be really cheap! You don't have to lose your entire savings just to decorate your log cabin or your home in lodge decor. Just keep a few key things in mind about log cabin decor, and you'll see how easy cheap lodge decorating can be! It's important to remember that new and perfect isn't always right for log cabin decorating. In fact, it's usually the worn and distressed look of furniture and accessories that gives that warm log cabin feel. 

However, it's also equally to important that gently used or gently worn is much different than things that are just plain broken or are too used to hold any appeal. These things will just end up looking tacky and won't add to your log cabin decor. Looking for some used items is fine, just remember that people no longer want those items for a reason, and you'll have to really dig to find the treasure you're looking for. Cabin window treatments are great for cheap lodge decorating. Instead of spending nearly a hundred dollars on just a curtain rod, consider using things that would normally be lying around a cabin anyway. Things like oars and horseshoe hooks hang curtains beautifully and really make your cabin decor pop! Another great place in your home or cabin to make the most of cheap lodge decorating is on your walls. 

While there are many rustic plaques and Western art that are available for cabin decor, you can also use things that you have lying around and won't cost you a thing to hang on your walls. Look for maps that you have of the area, pictures of nearby hiking trails, dried flowers, or horseshoes. If you have a canoe that you love to take out on the lake, hanging this on the wall can also make for beautiful and cheap lodge decorating, and it can be a real conversation piece too! Lastly, tap into your nostalgia and you'll find more cheap cabin decorating ideas than you'll be able to fill your cabin or home with. Place glass milk jars strategically around the kitchen or paint a wooden tabletop in a checkerboard pattern. These types of items really bring that simpler time back into the feeling of the cabin, and can also provide for things to do on those rainy days! Of course, when you need the cheapest lodge decorating ideas, always stop by to see what we have on Clearance. We're always putting some of our most popular items on sale so that you can get everything you need for lodge cabin decorating, but at even lower prices!