Privacy And Light, The Two Most Important Factors When Choosing Cabin Window Treatments

When it comes to your cabin window treatments, there are two things you should consider before even thinking about patterns and designs; those are privacy and light. You need your cabin curtains to be able to give you the privacy you need in your own home, so that you don't feel like you're living in a fishbowl. But yet, they still also need to be able to allow light in, so that you don't feel like you're living in a cave either. So, how do you find stylish cabin window treatments that will give you the proper balance of privacy and light? Use windows that look onto private areas to maximize the amount of natural light that's allowed in by installing cabin curtains or drapes in those windows. 

Curtains can be pulled fully back to allow in the most light when the window is facing your empty backyard, because no one will be looking in yet, you'll still get all that wonderful natural light and heat. However, if you have a window that looks into your neighbor's kitchen or out onto a busy street, you may want cabin window treatments that give you privacy and natural light. While this may seem like a difficult situation, there are actually a couple of choices available. Caf√© curtains can cover the bottom portion of the window, leaving the top open to allow for light to seep through. If this is still too exposed for you, you can pair the caf√© cabin curtain with a matching cabin valance. This will cover even more of the window, and will look really cute too! Another option to solving the problem of too little light and privacy is to use bottom-up blinds. 

These mini-blinds work on a string that pulls every blind up to expose the bottom portion of the window when you want to let light in, but can also be let down when you want the window completely covered. These types of cabin window treatments are another great way to get both more light, and a little more privacy. Ignore privacy and light when choosing your cabin curtains and you'll probably end up really missing both. We have cabin window treatments that will suit your needs whether you want to let the sun shine in or institute a privacy policy make sure you check them all out when choosing cabin curtains to match your cabin decor!