What's The Difference Between Country Lodge Décor And Western Cabin Décor?

Perhaps because of the term "country western," people have often thought of country lodge decor and western cabin decor as being one in the same. However, the two are very different and you need to know what those differences are, and what you prefer, before you ultimately decide on your lodge decor. Western decor often includes cowboys and ranch-style decor pieces, but you don't have to limit yourself to that. Forests, wildlife, horses, and stars are also great pieces to use when decorating your cabin in a western theme. And if you want to cover your floor with great western cabin decor, there are great western rugs that feature horses, bears and yes, cowboys. Sheepskin rugs are another great way to add to western decor. When decorating with an eye to the west, use darker colors such as warm reds, yellows, and oranges to really pull the theme together. 

Country lodge decor is quite different than western cabin decor. This type of lodge decor includes lighter colors such as creams, lighter natural woods, and whites instead of dark, bold colors. Floral prints also work very well in country lodge decor. When looking to accessorize your country decor, use things like candles, dried flowers, pottery, quilts, and lots of ruffles. This is the stuff that makes the charm of country lodge decor, and you'll get that cozy look you were hoping for. Whether you like the quaintness of country lodge decor, or want that rustic feel that western decor can bring, we have tons of lodge decor for any theme! Ruffled valances, western-styled rugs, wildlife bedding sets, and wooden furniture - which works well in both! - we have it all!