Country Quilts for Springtime

Ah, the fresh smell in the air, the first blades of green grass peeking out from under the snow, the first leaves starting to appear on the trees. Before long, the air will be fragrant with lilacs and roses and filled with the song of the robin and bluebird. But don't pack those cabin quilts away just yet.

Springtime may mark the end of winter, but early spring nights can still get plenty cold. Rustic cabin blankets can keep you and your loved ones snug and cozy while you wait for the warmer days ahead.

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While you're getting ready for spring and warmer weather, it's a good idea to keep your cabin blankets handy. Cabin quilts look great draped over a favorite chair or couch, and this keeps them easily within arm's reach for those chilly days when there's still a touch of winter in the air.

In a few months, it'll be time to put the cabin quilts away for the year, but don't do it yet. Wait until spring is giving way to summer. The early months of spring offer plenty of opportunities to snuggle into warm cabin blankets.

Even after you put your cabin quilts away, it's a good idea to keep a few rustic throws and cabin blankets around. They offer a homey, rustic feel to your cabin or rustic home, great for any time of the year, especially if your home is decorated with a country or rustic theme.