Mimic the Look of Nature with a Cozy Camo Comforter

Who wouldn't want to sleep comfortably with a camo comforter or camouflage comforter? Sleeping with this type of comforter calms the mind and entices an excellent night's sleep. It is as if one is sleeping under the stars with the surrounding forests, the meadow, or the shoreline. With many designs, camo comforters are inspired by natural elements like wood twigs, the ground, forests and the surrounding foliage, and the sandy shorelines and dunes, among other natural formations. The design of the camo comforter is derived from the camouflage concept used by military men during defensive or offensive operations whenever these soldiers want to blend into the surroundings. The same concept is used by animals who adapt their skin color to the surrounding environment to hide from their enemies. Thus, there are manufacturers of these camo-inspired products who use a variety of design inspirations to make their products appealing to interior designers and design aficionados. Some of these manufacturers include Mossy Oak and Realtree.

A camo comforter is one of the world's most familiar patterns. The camo patterns, which are initially meant for soldiers or sportsmen, have increasingly become popular in every aspect of modern day life. The camouflage pattern can be used in both rustic and contemporary interior design themes. The camouflage pattern often gives a feeling of being connected with nature. It gives a sense of simplicity and serenity that is called for in today's hectic and complicated existence. Aside from a camo comforter or bedding, manufactures of camo bedding products offer complete bedding sets and sheet sets. There are also complementary products in camouflage design like slip covers for furniture, shower curtains for the bathroom, decorative pillows, valances, and drapes. A great way to use camouflage in design is to complement one's bedroom with simple wooden furniture and neutral colors. In order to not overpower the room, the only camouflage pattern is to be used on the bed. This means that a camo comforter or bedding should be the dominant piece in the bedroom.

The accent furniture like chairs should only be in earthen and neutral colors. There are many home improvement stores that offer customers a wide variety of choices when it comes to picking the right camouflage design for their rustic or contemporary bedrooms. One design offered by Realtree is AP Pink HD Camo Bedding, which is an excellent pattern for female outdoor enthusiasts. The camo comforter in this pattern is overfilled for extra comfort. A unique camouflage design is the Blaze Orange and Camouflage set. This is perfect for the man who loves the outdoors, especially those whitetail deer enthusiasts. Another camouflage design by Realtree is the Advantage Classical camo comforter bedding, which has a combination of three-dimensional limbs, open spaces, and realistic leaves. The combined patterns give an appearance of medium to medium dark shades. There are also various patterns of camouflage that can match any interior design theme.

Outdoor enthusiasts would also be delighted with the many designs to suit their preferences. Moreover, a camo comforter is one way of showing their love for the outdoors.