Creating a Country Styled Home

Having a country styled home can be a beautiful and comfortable experience. Attaining it, however, can be a challenge. Vintage or Antique furniture and accessories can be expensive, not to mention hard to find. Some families choose to keep these items as heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation. But if you have the budget and don't mind a good "treasure hunt", you too can have a beautiful country styled home. The first thing you'll want to do is get the whole family involved. Remember, you're creating something for all of you to enjoy. 

Now you can set about choosing a theme for your home and furniture. A few things you'll want to consider are: Do I want my furniture to be made of wood or upholstered? What kind of wood do I want to Use? What do I want my color scheme to be? What kind of lighting will look the best? How do I choose the best accessory theme for me? 

Wood Vs. Upholstered Nothing beats the beauty and uniqueness of all natural, hand-crafted wood furniture. It can bring rich country style to any home. Wood also allows for more customization when choosing cushions and fabrics. On the other hand, upholstery is soft and inviting. It lends coziness and warmth. In the end it will be your personal preference as both are excellent choices for any country styled home. So Many Kinds of Wood Nature offers us so many varieties of wood to choose from, each with its own character and feel. 

Barnwood is becoming increasingly popular in bringing country style to the home. And why wouldn't it? The wood is reclaimed from old barns then stained and coated in polyurethane for protection. Each piece has its own character, its own life, its own story to tell. That being said, barnwood can be an expensive option. Cedar is another excellent option. The scent of cedar is said to repel insects. It is also incredibly durable and when properly cared for will bring your family decades of joy. 

Hickory is distinguished by contrasting dark and light colored wood making each piece extraordinarily unique. This wood is an excellent choice if you want your country styled furniture to last forever. Hickory is one of hardest and strongest heavy woods in North America. All the Colors Under the Sun For a country styled home you'll want to stick to bold and bright or rich and dark. Jewel tones have been trending, but can make a room look small. 

To make the best decision you'll want to consider the type of lighting you prefer. Warm or soft white bulbs will work well with almost any color scheme, although you may need to add more lamps if you like your rooms to be lighter. If you prefer brighter bulbs try to stick to brighter colors. Time to Accessorize No matter what accessories you choose to use, you'll want to keep them natural. Adding some bear pillows or a moose throw will add the finishing touch to any room. Animals aren't the only option though. Fruits or vegetable themes are great for country styled homes as well. In the end just be sure to make your home just that, your home!