Quilts Aren't Just For Sleeping Anymore! Decorate With Them!

Even though people have been making quilts for centuries, there are still millions of quilt enthusiasts today. This is great news, as it means that the love of a good log cabin quilt isn't dead and because people are always finding new ways to display and decorate with quilts. If you really love log cabin quilts, there's no doubt that you already have one covering every single bed in your cabin or home. And you may even have one or two quilts framed in bedrooms somewhere and maybe even one hanging from a rod on the wall in the living room. These are some of the most popular ways that people use to decorate with quilts, but there are others too that are a little less well-known. 

 One of those ways is to use a log cabin quilt as a wreath on your door. Depending on the style that you like the most, you can choose to cover almost the entire door with a very long quilt, or just half the door with a shorter quilt. You can even center the quilt to give it an even more unique look. Another very creative way that people are decorating with quilts is by using them as window treatments and hanging them from your window. These can be especially effective if you use reversible quilts with a pattern on both sides so you can appreciate your beautiful quilt when you're inside and outside your home. 

Of course, quilt ladders are another great way to display a lot of quilts in a small space, and with just a few materials these are very easy to make yourself. These also have the added bonus of being homemade, which is always perfect for any cabin decor. Quilts have been made for centuries, and decorating with quilts has also been very popular for several decades. But as time passes, new ways are always being found to decorate with quilts and it's a good thing too! These modern spins on decorating with quilts are some of the best ones yet!