Decorating for a True Country Christmas

Most of us have fond memories of Christmases long, long ago. Think back to those iconic images of Christmas that you know and love: We're willing to bet that your favorite Christmases were country Christmases. The good news is that, with holiday cabin decor and lodge decor, those old fashioned Christmases don't have to be a thing of the past. You can create the country Christmas memories today that your kids, your grandkids and their kids will be talking about for generations to come.

We all have that special place we used to love to go as a child. Maybe it was grandma's. Maybe it was a favorite aunt and uncle's place. Rustic holiday decor can help make your home (or even apartment) that place for your loved ones.

The way you decorate makes a statement. Lodge decor, and especially rustic holiday decor, creates a warm, inviting environment. It says, come on it, sit down, relax and take your boots off. You're home, whether you live here all the time or not.

Rustic decorating is not only heartwarming, it's also affordable. You can decorate your entire home or apartment in lodge decor for a modest price. You can find everything you need, from quilts to shower curtains and bathroom decor to lamps, clocks, and outlet covers at Cabin Place. If you want to use rustic decor to make your home the place the whole family will want to come home to during the holidays, you owe it to yourself to check out Cabin Place's extensive selection of rustic decor.

Get a live Christmas tree. Decorate it in old fashioned popcorn and cranberries (a fun project for the grandkids, by the way). Fill the home with warm holiday lodge decor. Light the fire and put out the holiday spread. The whole family will want to come back year after year. Cabin Place is also a great place for rustic holiday gift ideas.