From Cowboy Kitsch To Urban Cowboy: Decorating Your Western Bedroom

The western theme is a great theme for any bedroom! The colors are warm, welcoming and relaxing, and the theme lends a playful feel that anyone at any age can appreciate. It's also very easy to decorate a bedroom in a western theme. Using some western bedding and throwing down some western rugs is a great way to get started because these few items will tie the room together with a western feel. 

But there is a little more to it than just that, and when you decide on using the western theme in your bedroom, you'll need to decide which western style you want to use: cowboy kitsch or urban cowboy. The cowboy kitsch western theme is what many people first imagine when they think of a western theme. With this type of design you may have a floorboard wrought with horseshoes, lassos hanging from every post and hook, and bucking bronco bedspreads or other loud and expressive western bedding. 

While this western theme is definitely the most playful of the bunch, it can also be a little off-putting for adults and those who want to turn their bedroom into an oasis, not a circus. But it is just this type of loud and fun western theme that is perfect for kids, who'll fully appreciate spurs or cowboy hats at every turn! But this doesn't mean that the western theme is off-limits for adults. The urban cowboy theme is another very popular western style and can reflect the same warmth and charm of the Old West, without the cutesiness. 

To achieve this type of western theme in your bedroom, place western rugs in earthy tones on hardwood floors and use western bedding that has solid, neutral colors but is decorated with bold rustic stars, Native markings, or trimmed in a horse motif. And if you think neutral is boring, you can also find Western bedding in bold blues, reds, and oranges, to add that splash of color where it's needed. When you're decorating a bedroom in a western theme you can't go wrong with any style, whether it's urban cowboy or cowboy kitsch. If you need help decorating in either style, be sure to check out the western bedding, western rugs and other western accessories. They'll get your decor off to the right start, or complement what you already have in your western themed bedroom!