The Different Themes In Western Décor

Don't be fooled by the term "western decor" because it is a bit of a misnomer; there are so many different styles and designs encompassed by the term that is it difficult to define. Basically, western decor is any style or design that is influenced or inspired by the American West, a broad spectrum that covers everything from ranching in Texas to the deserts in Arizona to Native American culture. Western decor has always been a popular design aesthetic due to the richness of the colors, the typically simple patterns, and our fascination with the "Old West". From Wild Bill Hickock to the Gold Rush, the lore of the Old West is part of our collective imagination and we are singularly drawn to depictions of the outlaws and heroes of the time. 

The western decor focused on themes from the Old West are generally created with washed out colors, a desert sunset palette, and have almost a gritty feel to them. Cattle drives, lone horse riders gazing out over an empty landscape, or saloon scenes with dancing girls and dusty cowboys are all common. Authentic Old West images are often exactly as we imagined they would be; solemn faces, tired horses, and beat-up leather saddles are routinely featured. In contrast, western decor focused on the Southwest desert and Native American culture offers a more vibrant color palette and style. 

The natural colors seen in the striated lines of the desert canyons influence the color choices in the blankets, vases, and art from this region. Varying shades of brown, orange, and yellow are typical and can be used to create an entire room full of color. Mesas and valleys, sober Native American faces and desert wildlife are all common western decor themes based in the Southwest. A painting of a roadrunner passing a cactus while the sun sets beyond the mesa, a Native American patterned blanket, or clay vase with tribal designs are all examples of South western decor themes. You can use western decor throughout your home, as accent pieces or as the focus of your design scheme. 

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