How to Give Your Apartment a Down Home Feel

Are you looking to bring a cozy and comfortable down home" feel to your apartment or condo? You don't have to live in the city to enjoy the comforts of a rustic decorating scheme in your home. You can turn your apartment into an oasis of calm and comfort in the center of any busy town or city with just a few rustic decor items.

Start Small and Build Your Look on a Favorite Piece

You can easily turn your whole apartment into your favorite place to relax by taking your cabin theme into every room. Just a few key pieces can get you started creating your very own -cabin or lakeside retreat, even if you live in the city. When you are going for the cozy and homey feel of a cabin or retreat, start by adding some earthy and rustic rugs, window, and wall treatments throughout the apartment. These items in rich earth tones will serve as a canvass to display the rest of your cabin decor.

Tie It All Together With Accessories

Wooden and handcrafted furnishings like rocking chairs, light fixtures, and tables can give any room that real down home feel you're going for. To bring the whole look together add in comfy pillows and blankets throughout the home and accessorize with some wildlife themed art and display pieces.

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