Exceptional Rustic Quilts can add a Splash of Color and Charm to any Room

Bring a dash of charm to your cabin, lodge, or home with a quilt from our private line Rustic Cabin Quilts. Our Rustic Quilts offer exceptional detail and craftsmanship along with many varying designs you can choose from. Each quilt is made with an intricate border, reversible backing, and is made not only with high quality fabrics but also twice the stitching seen in other quilts. All of these factors add to the beautiful, rustic charm and sturdiness of each quilt. The varying designs in our quilts make it easy for almost anyone to find a quilt they enjoy. 

Our quilt designs include traditional designs, camouflage, wolves, fish, seasonal, cobblestone, western, and many more varieties. The full sizes our quilts come in allow them to fit most beds nicely, with room to spare; this helps to add to the true rustic charm of our quilts. Along with our Rustic Quilts, we also carry quilts from Donna Sharp. Expertly designed with breathtaking detail, these quilts are sure to keep you warm and cozy while adding a simple, country charm to any room you put them in. Donna Sharp quilts can be found in a variety of western, rustic, and country designs that you're sure to love! These quilts are made of 100% cotton through and through with a cotton shell and filling.
Some of the beautiful Donna Sharp Quilts currently in our shop are: The Midnight Bear Quilt: This quilt features a beautiful scene of a mother bear leading her two babies through the forest. The surrounding landscape is comprised of deep blues and vibrant browns. Bear Paws Quilt: This rustic quilt features a blue-and-red-checkered country design with bear paws stitched throughout. A darker border frames the main design. The Bear Creek Quilt: This elegant quilt is comprised of mostly off-white fabric. It features a simplistic scene of bear and cub walking amongst minimalistic trees. The Wilderness Quilt: This quilt is full of vibrant blues and oranges alongside duller greens and browns, creating an amazing contrast. Wilderness images are stitched into the fabric; deer prints, a canoe, and more. Take a look at our beautiful, rustic quilts today by clicking on any of the links above and add a bit of country beauty to your home.