Pine Cone Décor Can Be Functional Too!

Pine cone decor does not have to be limited to hunting cabins set deep in the woods or log homes sitting at the base of a mountain. In fact, pine cone decor is one of the most versatile rustic motifs available that can easily be inserted into any home, regardless of location, style, or budget. Sure, pine cone bedding is almost expected in a cabin or lodge setting but you can inject a little rustic flavor into even the most modern home with pine cone decor without jarring the senses too much. Consider pine cone decor to be a multifunctional tool that merges the contemporary with the traditional. The accessories and bedding found at can help you bridge the gap. Take a guest bedroom full of sleek lines, black furniture, and minimal accoutrements and add a bedspread with a simple pine cone pattern. Guests will feel welcomed and comforted and may not even be sure why; it is the rustic, traditional touch that gives off a welcoming energy. Guests might be wary of touching expensive knickknacks placed around the room but will feel no such discomfort when snuggling into soft, snuggly pine cone bedding. Maybe you just want to add a touch of whimsy to a utilitarian living room with pine cone accents. A throw blanket, pillow, or embellished pine cones themselves can add a touch of fun to an otherwise boring room. is your source for rustic and whimsical cabin or pine cone decor. Many items, including the pine cone bedding, are made from recycled fibers or materials so you can be good to the environment while bringing a bit of the wild into your home.