It's Time To Start Getting the Cabin Ready for Fall!

It's no secret that fall is the kick-off of cabin season. Whether you hunt, track, participate in winter sports, or just enjoy your cabin for getaways, fall is the time to get started. Perhaps you haven't spent much time in your cabin yet, or haven't put much thought into cabin decor. Here are some ways to spruce up, freshen up, and transform your cabin into not just a place to stay, but an inviting retreat.
  • Freshen up your cabin bedding, curtains, rugs, and other materials that may have acquired a musty or damp smell while in storage. Look for signs of wear and replace anything that is in depressingly bad shape. You don't want a shabby cabin. Shop online for great cabin bedding to match your favorite patterns and your existing cabin decor.
  • Are your walls bare and boring? Although you may not think you spend enough time in our cabin to bother decorating, there are times you may be snowed in, away from civilization, and wish your walls were more interesting to stare at. Shop for a few large, rustic pieces to accent your cabin's best features and spruce things up for the fall season.
  • Look at the lighting fixtures in your cabin and make sure they are working properly, changing out bulbs if necessary. While you're at it, think about how much lighting your cabin has. Chances are, you will be spending many evening hours there, and in the fall and winter, it gets dark out quickly. Consider purchasing new lamps that will add to your cabin decor.
  • You may be all set with rustic log furniture, an important part of any log cabin decor, but your bare, hard seating may be in need of some cabin bedding such as throws and pillows. Consider a Denali throw, known to be one of the softest, warmest blankets available, for those cold nights by the fireplace.
  • Don't forget your guest room. If you don't have a comfortable, inviting room for your guests to stay in while at your cabin, you will probably not get any visitors. Make sure you have plenty of warm cabin bedding for cold nights.
Get ready now for the fall season by thinking ahead and making easy, inexpensive changes or updates to your cabin so you can enjoy it all winter long. Shop here for a selection of high-quality, affordably-priced bedding and other cabin necessities.