Want To Give A Hug? Give A Denali Throw!

When you picture sitting in a cabin by the fireplace in the winter, you probably unconsciously imagine yourself wrapped in a huge, warm, soft blanket. That's because cabins, winter, and blankets just seem to go together. Wrapped in that soft blanket, as snug as can be, you are hugged in warmth and kept safe from the chill outdoors, the picture of comfort and relaxation. What greater gift for your family members this winter season than a Denali throw, one of the finest, warmest throw blankets created? 

Denali throws were designed in 1998 from a cutting edge type of material, and have quickly gained popularity ever since. These extra-soft blankets have yet to be rivaled, having outshined the former top dog of plushy blankets --- fleece. The material that created and used in the Denali throw is known as Microplush. This extremely innovative material is composed of a very thin, lightweight acrylic fiber that allows it to be even softer and lighter than fleece, while still very thick and plush. Denali throws are often said to feel like a hug. While Microplush ensures that every Denali throw is soft and warm, it also makes the throw easy to maintain because it's machine washable and stain, mildew, and odor resistant. 

Denali throws are very popular and sold by many retailers, particularly online, so you should have no trouble finding them. Some retailers, such as Cabinplace.com have a large selection of patterns and colors to choose from so you can find one for all of your family and friends. Although the hug-like feel of a Denali is its greatest feature, a Denali throw doesn't look any better than when thrown over the back of a rustic rocking chair or at the end of a log bed. With the affordable prices offered by the experts at Cabinplace.com, you can afford to get one which perfectly accents your rustic cabin decor. Shop for Denali throws and show your family how much you care this year by giving a gift that will wrap them in the warmth of a hug sent from you all winter long.