How To Buy Rustic Window Treatments

Rustic window treatments are one of the best ways to brighten any room and instantly add another element to any cabin decor. But you want to make sure that you keep a few things in mind when buying them so that you can make sure you'll be able to hang them, and that you'll be happy with them when you do! The first thing to do is decide whether you want to hang your curtains inside or outside your window frame. This will make a big difference on the size of curtain that you need, and measuring your windows for that exact size is your next step. 

If you're going to hang your rustic curtains outside of the frame make sure that you measure the window starting from just outside the frame and measuring to the other side, also just outside of the frame. This is because when hanging them from outside the frame, you don't want to still see it once the rustic window treatments are hung. On the other hand if you're hanging rustic curtains inside the frame, also make sure you measure from just inside the frame so you can really show it off! Your next step is to choose what style of rustic window treatments you want. Casual curtains can include curtains or stand-alone valances. Both of these look great in small spaces such as country kitchens. 

If the window you're going to be covering is in a formal area such as a formal dining room or a living room, you might choose rustic window treatments that are pleated and come in a heavier fabric. When you're buying rustic window treatments, you may also want to think about buying liners for them as well. These sit behind the rustic curtain and are good for many things including additional privacy, and preventing the fabric from fading after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Along with liners, also consider what other accessories you'll want for your rustic curtains. A curtain rod will be an absolute must, but you can also consider things such as tie-backs, tassels, trim decor, and finials are all good options for rustic curtains. Once you know your window's measurements and know what kind of style you want in your rustic window treatments, make sure you stop by to see what rustic curtains, valances, and other window treatments we have for your lodge or home. We make it easy to buy all of your rustic window treatments!