How To Clean And Maintain Rustic Area Rugs

There's no doubt that using a rustic area rug is a great way to instantly add a little bit of fair and personal style into your cabin decor. Plus, they can also bring a little bit of warmth to cold hardwood or tile floors, especially on those cooler fall nights or cold, early winter mornings. But if you're going to use area rugs in your lodge decor, it's important that you take proper care of them so that they won't fade or fray, and to keep the rest of your home clean too! Should something wet spill on your lodge area rug, use nothing but a 100% cotton towel to mop it up. When doing so, make sure that you lay the towel over the spill, pressing it down so that it soaks up the spill. 

Once the towel is completely soaked, move a dry portion of the towel over the spill and press again. Repeat until little to no moisture can be absorbed from the spill. When taking care of spills on rustic area rugs, it's important that you never blot using a circular motion. This can cause a great amount of damage to occur to the rug. If the spill is something that will really stain the rug such as red wine, use a solution made of equal parts of Dawn dish soap and hydrogen peroxide. Again, blot using straight lines, not circular motions. Pet stains can be cleaned using a solution of one part vinegar to two parts water, thoroughly mixed. If the stain is really stubborn and you can't get it out on your own, call in professional carpet cleaners to come in and do the job. And, even if you don't have any noticeable stains on your lodge area rugs, you should still get them professionally cleaned once a year to keep them fresh and to clean up dirt that you can't always see. 

The most important part of rustic area rug maintenance is vacuuming. Regular vacuuming is crucial for the proper care of lodge area rugs because this prevents the microscopic pieces of dirt that you can't see from building up. Vacuuming your rustic area rugs also keeps the rest of your home healthy and clean because it prevents dust from the rug flying up and into the air of the home. When vacuuming your area rugs, don't just sweep the vacuum across it a few times. Instead, pick it up and vacuum the back of the rugs; this will loosen the dirt and dust that has sunk very low in the fibers. 

When the rug is back on the floor, also don't run the vacuum straight across it, onto the floor beneath and then pull it back and over again; this can cause the edges to fray very easily. Instead, vacuum right to the edge and then pull it back to vacuum the rest of the rug. Maintaining your rustic area rug isn't hard, and it's extremely important to do. This is the only way to ensure that you'll have a beautiful floor covering for as long as the rug was meant to last.