How To Make Rustic Cabin Quilts

There are many gorgeous rustic cabin quilts on the market today that will be wonderful additions to the cabin decor in your cabin or home. But there's really nothing like a handmade quilt that you sew yourself to not only enhance your decor, but that can also become a family heirloom, and be passed down to future generations. Making rustic cabin quilts is fairly simple too. All you need are some squares of fabric, batting, and quilting thread. If you want to make it easier on yourself, you may also consider using a sewing machine, but even that's not absolutely necessary. 

 The first thing you need to do is choose some squares of fabric that you want to use for your rustic quilt. You can purchase these but many fabric stores often have a bin of scraps available for free that you can choose from. You can also use cut up clothing that you no longer wear into squares (cutting up old jeans to make a Western quilt works very well!) Solid, neutral colors also make for some of the most authentic cabin quilts. Whichever fabric you choose, make sure that you leave two more inches along the edge than you want to be displayed on the quilt. This portion of fabric will be used to sew to trim or another square; and you don't want to be left with smaller squares than you originally envisioned. 

At this point, many people like to draw out a sketch of their rustic quilt so that they know exactly where they are in their pattern when it comes time to actually sew it. If your pattern is simple or fairly repetitive however, you may not need to do this step. Just go ahead and start sewing all those patches of fabric together until your cabin quilt is complete. There are no real guidelines on how large it should be, as rustic cabin quilts come in all different shapes, styles and sizes. Do make sure however, that you measure the edges as you sew, at least roughly, so that you can remain consistent throughout and don't end up with a quilt that has badly misshapen squares. When finished, lay your quilt face-down on a large working surface. 

Lay the batting on top, and then the backing you have chosen on top of that. The backing can be something as simple as a sheet or another blanket, or can even be another rustic quilt so it's reversible! Once the backing is placed, you then need to pin the quilt along the edges, at the corners, and throughout the middle of the quilt. You'll need to sew it all together after this, and you definitely don't want any part of your rustic quilt slipping and sliding while you work. 

 Then you just need to sew the edges together. Start by first sewing a knot stitch into each corner and then continuing to sew the edges normally. Once the outside of the quilt is sewn you can then sew the middle of the quilt. This will keep the batting in place but also gives you a chance to add even more elements to the quilt by sewing beautiful designs into it. And using a colored quilting thread will add to this design even more! Once you're finished, hang your quilt up on a quilt ladder, display it proudly on a wall, or lay it across a bed or couch. You'll treasure your rustic quilt even more when you've made it yourself!