Hunting Lodge Decor that Appeals to the Whole Family

Families everywhere enjoy spending time together and making memories at their favorite hunting lodge. They enjoy getting back to nature, spending all day in the woods and then gathering around the glowing hearth before drifting off to dream in their comfortable beds.

Whether your family prefers rustic lodge decor or a more modest style, you can find hunting decor at Cabin Place to reflect everyone's interests and make your cabin nice and cozy.

Start With What You Have

Begin by going through your family's own photos, hunting equipment and trophies to determine the style that will best suit your lodge and give you some ideas for hunting decor. Personalize your lodge decor with a few of your favorite hunting photos to display in a tabletop photo album.

Warm Up Your Walls

The walls of a hunting lodge are often painted in rich, earthy shades like green, red or brown to give the rooms a dramatic, warm feel to keep your family comfortable. Use rustic wall hangings and customized sconces to add character to the walls of your family cabin.

Furniture to Fill Your Rooms

Wood furniture will add richness to your lodge decor that your entire family will appreciate. Imagine enjoying dinner sitting around a log table or singing the little ones to sleep in a hickory rocker. You will rise refreshed and ready for an early hunt after a good night's slumber beneath the comfort of intricately detailed quilt in a sturdy log bed made from knotty wood right out of the forest.

Dramatic Floor Coverings

Rugs to cover the floor of your family hunting lodge are available in a variety of sizes and designs. From coir welcome mats to large area rugs, you will find all the right floor coverings to suit your family's needs and style at Cabin Place.

Finish off the decor of your lodge with a few accessories strategically placed around the cabin and you will have a warm, inviting place for your family to spend time together making hunting memories that will last forever.