Ideas For Rustic Window Treatments

When it comes to the types of rustic window treatments that you can choose for your cabin decor, you have a world of options at your fingertips. There are tons of choices from rustic curtains, shutters, and valances and any of them will look great in your cabin decor. So when you're looking for ideas for rustic window treatments, these few are just the beginning! Rustic curtains are some of the most popular rustic window treatments and even among this specific type you have tons of styles and ideas to choose from. 

Long full-length draperies are best reserved for very large windows or windows that are in formal settings, such as a formal dining room. To keep with the rustic feel, choose neutral earthy tones, especially if they are drapes that take up a large part of the wall. For medium-sized windows you can use rustic curtains that hang just over each side of the window, so that it is fully covered when the curtains are drawn. Because these rustic curtains aren't as large, they're not as much of a focal point and you can get away with bolder and louder designs such as wildlife, fish, or western designs. Shutters are another very popular type of rustic window treatment. 

Shutters are wooden slat blinds that can be used either inside or outside the home and they can also either cover the entire window or just part of the window. Covering the lower half of the window with rustic wooden shutters and the top half with a western valance decorated with stars can be a great way to tie together a western bathroom. When shutters cover the entire window, they allow filtered light through and when closed they can provide maximum privacy. Shutters can also be installed outside of the window and this can not only greatly add to the rustic look, but it can also bring added security when they are closed. Valances are another type of rustic window treatment that is popular due to their versatility, their functionality, and their rustic look. 

Valances sit at the top of the window only and they can be paired with curtains for a more formal look that allows for more privacy; or they can be used on their own to allow for an unobstructed view and a more casual look. Rustic valances can be found in denim, wildlife designs, and other rustic valances. Whatever types of rustic window treatments you're considering, considering valances will always give you more options! There are many ways to decorate your windows, and they'll all help add to your rustic decor in a way that's pretty and practical all at the same time. If you need more ideas for your rustic window treatments, check out all of the rustic curtains, shutters, and valances we have in stock. And if you're not sure what window treatments would work best on your windows, contact us we'd love to help you decide!