Need To Kick Start Your Cabin Décor? Go Back To Simpler Times!

When you're looking for cabin decor ideas, you can find one for every corner of your home or cabin by just looking back to the simpler times when cabins were peoples' homes, not getaway retreats reserved for long weekends. Imagine that you'll be leaving the city to really get away from it all, even if you'll be returning to your cabin retreat every day after work. What are the things that you would really need if you were living off the land? What would be most important for your daily living if you had no television, no computer, and not even electric heat? 

Thinking about the cabin furniture and cabin decor that was actually used when cabins were the standard home can be just the thing to kick start your cabin decor! If it's a bedroom you're decorating in cabin decor, the place to start is with log cabin bedding. Log cabin bedding doesn't have to be just about bears, pine cones, and western-style stars and horseshoes, although those are awfully cute in any cabin decor too. But if you really want to go back to what it was like living in those early log cabins, find throws such as Denali throws that can be placed on a simple wooden or metal frame bed. At the end of the bed, place an antique trunk to store extra blankets for colder nights and anything else that you want to keep tucked away. 

You can further this idea of using practical elements in your cabin decor by extending it through to common living spaces. In these spaces, set up wooden rocking chairs, birch-bark futons, and other log cabin furniture. Make the simple life feeling come alive even more by arranging the cabin furniture around a woodstove, something that today can be used as a complementary source of heat instead of a primary one, and that adds another stylish and authentic cabin living air. If you have lots of ideas for your simple cabin decor, and just need the right items to help you do it, come check out our huge selection. We have hundreds of items including cabin bedding, cabin furniture, cabin accessories, and more that will help you take your dream of the olden days and make it a reality today!