The Advantages Of Decorating A Kid's Bedroom In Camo Décor

What kid wouldn't like to go play in their own spy room deer stand forest whatever he can imagine he can create in a bedroom filled with camo decor. Camo decor is an easy way to give your child's room a style and a personality without filling it with animated characters or colors he will grow out of. The somewhat sophisticated color palette alongside the kid-friendly camo bedding is a unique juxtaposition that will delight children of any age. 

Start with camo bedding in either the forest green or desert brown color palette that will influence the rest of the design decisions. Next will be the wall coverings, either paint in a coordinating color or camo pattern or the easier wallpaper solution. Move on to window treatments, again in either a camo pattern or specific color picked out from the camo bedding. You can even order camouflage bedding in bright pink patterns for the hunters in your home who also enjoy a splash of girlish color. Once you have the basics covered, you and your child can explore your creativity in camo decor. 

Use netting to create fantasy wall art or attach it securely so your child can literally climb his walls. Erect a deer stand facsimile or a duck cover with synthetic moss and branches. Use a camouflage tent to create a covered bed or small reading nook, or fill the tent with small toys for quiet play time. Any child's imagination will soar in a room filled with creative options and a color palette that isn't screaming. Visit to ignite that creative spark and create a bedroom filled with camo decor that your child will truly want to spend time in.