Picking Out The Best Lodge Bathroom Vanities Piece By Piece

One of the hardest pieces of the home to retrofit with the right furnishings is the bathroom. This is a staple of every single home, and yet it's one that can bring about a great deal of complexity. It's here that you will either make or break the visual design flow of your rustic cabin or lodge. At first glance, you will see the staples of every bathroom in place, but if you want to have something that is beyond standard, you will want to look into Lodge Bathroom Vanities. There are a number of options that you will need to consider, but once you narrow down the components that make your overall design pop, you will find that greatness abounds in this room's visual design.

Start With The Vanity Framework - The starting point of any major bathroom remodel is the vanity. This becomes everything, regardless of whether or not you're single or married, you want to have a nice vanity in place. If you pick the right piece here, you will be able to put together the rest of the furnishings in place as companions. There are several size options you can choose from, and they usually start around 30‚Äù and can go upwards of 42‚Äù and beyond. Keeping within the boundaries of 30‚Äù and 72‚Äù is a good call, as that should give you enough room for a single bathroom. Now, if you want to have dual sinks, then you will need a bit more space, but considering a standard size, and not necessarily a dual solution, the size constraints should work well for you moving forward. Aside from the size constraints, make sure that you consider the raw materials that make up this option. Go with solid woods, and polished fixtures that are darker in tone for contrast. You don't want your fixtures to conflict with the grain and stain of the wood, so be careful moving forward. 

Raw Materials Matter - Aside from the size, and the basic woods that you are going to need to pick out, make sure that you are selective in the construction. Solid woods are good, but you want craftsmanship to match the look and feel overall. Don't just get items that are ‚Äúfinished‚Äù in a wood style, but rather look into heavier models that will allow the pieces to stand the test of time. If you get something that is substandard, you could end up having to replace things after some time. Do not rush through the selection process here, as it is easy to pick up the wrong item, or something that is not going to serve you well through the years.

Drawers, Cabinets, and More - Once you have the right components in mind, you will want to look into whether or not you want drawers, swinging doors, or cabinet style options within your vanity. Some vanities only have one section underneath the sink for storage. Others have several compartments, drawers, and divisions that allow you a bit more in terms of storage. On average, you will see smaller vanities only have two doors that open up underneath the sink itself, while larger options will have two sections or even three sections for storage. You'll want to cycle through the variations here, and pick out something that will fit your overall needs. If you're going compact, do not worry too much about storage, as you could always add a topper cabinet, or a medicine cabinet to your bathroom.

Fixture Options - When you're purchasing vanities, you may have a limited selection in terms of the sink and the fixtures. That may suffice at first, but do not hesitate in switching out these components later on. You may want a new style of sink, or handles that are different, and that's something that you can change down the line. If you're buying an all in one solution, then you may fall in love with the options that come standard. Take a moment to fully look at the fixtures as they are part of what makes these stand out within the bathroom of any cabin or lodge.