Lodge Décor Can Bring the Feel of Country Living To Your Town Home

If you live in the city but want to bring the charm of the country to your townhome, all you need is the right lodge decor. The great thing about living in the country is that things are relaxed and laid back. If you can bring that feeling of warmth, welcome, and comfort to your home, you have successfully brought the charm of country living into your home! When you combine rustic lighting with warm throws and natural wood furnishings, you can create that charming and welcoming feel in any room of the house. For those who love the comforts of the country but have to live in town, you can recreate your own oasis of charm and warmth in your living room with rustic decor pieces.

A great rustic chandelier can be the starting point of your cozy and welcoming living area. Soft throws on the backs of chairs and couches give a sense of warmth and comfort that is hard to create any other way. With natural wood furniture you are bringing a bit of nature into the space you live in, and the light from your rustic chandelier can bring out all of its warmth and beauty. A few well-placed throw rugs and you have a living area with the feel of the country no matter where your home is located.

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