What Theme will you Choose for your Log Cabin or Lodge Décor?

When it comes to decorating your lodge or log cabin, most want to stick to a theme that matches the space itself; wooden furniture, woodsy paintings, etc. But, even then, there are multiple categories to choose from. Knowing what the main categories for this type of decor are will make it easier for you to choose a theme for your log cabin or lodge when it comes time for you to decorate or re-decorate.

Western: A popular theme within lodges and cabins, the western theme encompasses a bit of the old west with rustic charm. This category includes an array of western decor full of monotone colors and imagery straight out of the old west. Rugs, curtains, and bedspreads are decorated with stars and images of cowboys and cacti. This is one of the more obvious themes on the list, so make sure this style is something you really enjoy before choosing to decorate with western decor.

Country: A bit more subtle than western, this theme brings together the idea of country charm and simplicity. This theme tends to be more colorful, featuring lots of reds and whites as well as a multitude of pretty patterns. You'll find that a white and red checkered table cloth or a painting of wildflowers will look right at home in a country themed cabin.

Traditional Rustic: This theme can almost be seen as a mixture of a few of the others on this list, as it focuses on a general idea of the forest, country living, and the beauty of nature and simplicity. Some great rustic cabin decor may include: Carved wooden wall hangings, handmade wooden rocking chairs, paintings of forest scenes, and handmade wooden spoons.

Huntsman: Believe it or not, this is an extremely popular theme that you've probably seen before in a log cabin. The focus of this decor category is game hunting and all that goes with it. Pieces like an elaborate antler lamp/chandelier, bear carvings, and camouflage bedding sets might show up in a lodge decorated with this theme in mind. This is another more obvious theme that you'll want to think over before using. It's also a theme not everyone will enjoy, due to hunting animals being the core of the theme.

So, there you have it; four of the more popular lodge decor themes. If you're looking to re-decorate your cabin or lodge, take a look at our main website here. Whether you're looking for western decor, antler lamps, rustic cabin decor, or even something featuring carved bears we've got what you're looking for!