Inviting Bears Into Your Lodge Décor

Decorating with wildlife has always been very popular in lodge decor and today, bears are big! There are many animals you could choose to decorate your cabin in from moose to mallards to deer. But, the bear is the animal that has been emerging as one of the biggest rustic trend in cabin decor! This is partly because bears represent strength with a side of softness, and because there are just so many ways to bring bears into your rustic decor.

One of the most popular ways to use bears in your lodge decor is with bear rugs. These are most commonly placed in front of fireplaces, and while this certainly makes for a cozy spot, you can decorate with bear rugs any place you want to bring the bears in! While this is definitely one of the most dramatic ways to decorate with bears, there are also many more subtle ways you can add to your rustic decor using bears. Lampshades, light plates, wall art, and much more can be found when you decide to include bears as part of your cabin decor. 

 One of the most popular ways to decorate a cabin with bears is with carved bear statues. These statues are not only one of the most popular cabin accessories, but the most popular chainsaw sculptures. Artists carve these bear statues out of a giant log of wood, which makes them blend in perfectly with any rustic decor, whether you've used bears in the rest of your theme or not. You can find carved bear statues that are designed with incredible detail and intricate designs, or you can find a statue that looks much rougher and much more rustic. Whether you're looking for a carved bear statue depicting a bear hunting in the stream or woods or a cute, cuddly carved bear statue, these statues are not only wonderful on their own, but they greatly add to any rustic decor. Still don't know how to bring bears into your lodge decor? Check out the many carved bear statues that we have. You'll find that once you bring one in, you can't bear to stop!