Picking Out Lodge Living Room Furniture That Fits Your Motif

Picking out furnishings for your home is not as simple as it may seem. This becomes especially true when you have multiple rooms, and a great deal of options at your disposal. While it may be difficult in regards to finding the right pieces for an apartment or a house, you'll find that things can really derail when you have a lodge. Lodges are harder to furnish because they have a certain rustic appeal to the construction that will clash with a lot of modern options. For instance, if you were to go with a standard couch or something more Mondrian in nature, it will definitely look awful. It's for that reason that you should take a step back and consider a few options when you are picking out lodge living room furniture that fits your overall style and design flow. No matter how big your lodge is, you want to place a few elemental pieces into the center of your living room, in order to tie together everything else with relative simplicity.

When In Doubt Look For Warm Colors - One of the best things to look for when outfitting a lodge is the color palette that you're going to utilize. Consider warm colors, from reds to browns with a touch of nature. Don't go too far into the primary spectrum, and focus on something that brings together the elegance of wood flooring, and framework with relative ease. A striking primary colored piece will clash with the warmer flow of woods, even if they are painted. Leather can work well here, but it doesn't have to be 100% leather. For those with pets or on a budget, faux leather can work if it is done well. Some faux styles aren't as durable and don't offer the same kind of elemental relationship that you'll want within a lodge's design. 

Consider The Raw Materials - Whether you have a cabin in the woods, or you are alongside a mountain resort, you'll want to make sure that the raw materials that make up the furnishings are part of the overall charm of your living room. With that in mind, make sure that nail heads, staples, and other accents alongside couches, chairs, and other pieces all have a certain natural look and feel to them. Not only that, make sure to look for solid wood legs, frames, and any other pieces that stand out alongside the tapestry of the design. You want to accent the design of the lodge you have with natural wood offerings and that could be as simple as having wooden legs and frames sticking out alongside proper upholstery.

Function and Design Matter - When you're looking through the selection of available pieces, make sure that you look into function and design together. This is especially true when you have a living room that has a great open space, natural light, and wood accents throughout. One easy fix here is to look for chairs, sofas, and other options that are framed in wood. Wood framed sofas, for instance, can tie together all the rustic and outdoor elements into an easy component to balance with interior design. Not only that, modern comfort will be at the helm of these offerings, giving you an extra touch of class and function while delivering that ‚Äúnatural‚Äù appeal that comes alongside with wooden pieces.

Accentuating Larger Pieces - One of the issues that people have when filling out furnishings for a lodge or cabin is the accent pieces. Side tables, ottomans, coffee tables, chairs, and more can easily clash with sofas and other pieces that you decide to pick up. It's for that reason that you should look into highlighting furnishings through natural accentuated options. If you have wooden framed furniture, for instance, go with similar side pieces that offer solid wood framing. Solid wood will allow you to easily transform from function to design elements, all while tying together the natural flow of the interior of the lodge. Look out for solid wood construction as it will not only last longer, but will offer a great deal of prowess in your interior design flow. One tip to take with you in regards to picking out living furniture for your lodge is to take your time. Filling out your home with the right furniture pieces takes time, so look at going with function first. Getting a sofa, loveseat, and accent tables is a good start. Once you have those in place, you can start to add additional pieces to fill out the room, then work on other rooms with the same natural touches. Just remember to go with warm colors, and natural wood finishes or solid construction for best results.