How to Have Long-Lasting Western Shower Curtains

A Western style home is not complete without western shower curtains. It is the ideal accessory to further emphasize and enhance that western feel to your bathrooms. You, your family, and your guests will enjoy this kind of decor in your bathroom. The key is in choosing the right pieces that complement each other and create a look that's consistent with the theme but is not overwhelming. Once you have found the curtains that would perfectly fit your home, you would naturally like for it to last a long, long time. Proper care and regular cleaning is important to ensure that it would remain in good condition. Below are some practices to help you choose and maintain your favorite western shower curtains:
  • Choose something that would match your bathroom specifications. In picking western shower curtains, be sure that it matches the length and size of your shower room. It should have enough length to cover the room. At the same time, it should allow the water to drip properly. Water deposits that stay on the curtain for too long can cause too much dampness and hasten the growth of fungi which everyone knows exposes you to health hazards.

  • Clean your curtains regularly. To avoid fungi growth and build-up of soap and water deposits, be sure to wash your curtains regularly. Using a solution made with a combination of detergent and vinegar is a very effective way of cleaning and dissolving mildews and other deposits. If possible, choose those that can be machine-washed and would not require hand-washing. This would make it more convenient for you to wash your curtains. Be sure to follow the cleaning instructions in the curtain's care label.

  • Always check for tears and signs of rot. There are preventive measures that would prolong the life of your curtains. Always check if your western shower curtains have holes and tears and quickly repair them before cleaning or storing. Leaving them unattended for a long time could worsen its condition past the point of repair. After cleaning, be sure to dry it properly to prevent damage. It is best to dry your curtains in direct sunlight. Improper drying will compromise the integrity of the fabric causing it to be brittle and more susceptible to breakage.

  • Use your western shower curtains properly. When not in use, keep them fully spread to allow it to dry. Avoid bunching it up on either side of the stall, especially when it is still wet. This would hasten the accumulation of mildew and create unpleasant odors. Also refrain from forcefully tugging on your curtains as it might cause tears and ruin the fabric completely. It might also cause your curtain rods or hooks to be bent and cause potential accidents.
Finding the right western shower curtains is an important task in decorating a western-themed home. And while you cannot expect that your curtains will not last forever, it is not impossible to keep it in a pleasant shape for many years. Just keep these things in mind when picking and using your curtains and you will be certain that you will have curtains that you can use for a long time.