Don't Blur, Blend It All Together: Making A Camo Theme Work

Camouflage is not only for your hunting expedition. It is a great design for your bedroom, to help you connect with your natural surroundings. Now that you've decided to choose Realtree or Mossy Oak camouflage bedding from Cabin Place, you may want a few tips on how to design your camo theme bedroom. Don't blur, you are not hiding in your bedroom. Blend your camo bedding with your furniture, rugs, drapes and valances to make your camo theme bedroom stylish and relaxing. Camouflage is about fitting in with your natural surroundings. 

A great way to contrast your camo theme bedding is to incorporate solid colors that will enhance the camouflage color pattern. That is why when you choose your camo bedding from Cabin Place, you will find that the bed skirt is a solid color along with the reverse side of the decorative pillows. Earthy tones will not only enhance your camo bedding, it will make your camo theme bedroom a relaxing getaway. Furniture choice will go a long way in completing your camo theme. Wood furniture and fixtures will create a natural beauty that will make your camo bedding look at home in your bedroom. Camouflage drapes, valances, decorative pillows, shower curtains, and slip covers from Cabin Place will complete your camo theme

Pictures of natural scenes and wild life will balance your room and create a connection with your natural surroundings. Wall color is another thing to consider in your camo theme bedroom. Natural wood is an obvious fit, but the right paint will only add to your sleeping hideaway. Solid earthy tones are what you are looking for. You may want to bring in a decorative pillow or comforter from your camo bedding to match your paint with one of the primary colors. Do not pick an overpowering color. Remember, you want to blend all the aspects of your camo theme bedroom. 

Complete the decor of your camo theme with proper lighting. Your main lighting should be soft and create shadows to create a natural setting. However, make sure that you have at least one light that is bright enough for reading. Finally you will want to add plants or small trees for the finishing touches. When you walk into your camo theme bedroom, you should instantly relax. Blending the right accessories and colors with your camo bedding will make your bedroom a comfortable getaway.