Match Your Lodge Rugs And Lodge Lighting To Pull A Room Together

Even if you don't have the faintest idea how to start decorating your cabin, if you start with the lighting and the rugs, you'll see how easily the rest of the room falls into place. There are lodge rugs and lodge lighting options for every cabin theme wilderness, animals, western, south-western. So think about what you love and the overall look you're going for, and then choose some rugs and lights to match! Remember that every room needs to have an overhead light. There's nothing worse than groping around in a dark room looking for a light. 

But you can decorate these any way you'd like. If you have a country cabin theme, choose a lighter cover shade that's wrapped with metal pine cones. Or if you have a hunter's lodge, choose antler chandeliers. These are easy ways to show off your cabin's personality and really give it some flair. Once you have your lodge lighting in place, choose some rugs to match. Do you have a western themed cabin? Find lodge rugs that feature cowboys, horseshoes, stars, or horses on them. Or if you have a fishing cabin by the river, choose a rug that shouts the happy expression, "Gone Fishin'" with a silly looking fish on it. If you're just starting off in decorating your cabin, we have great lodge rugs and lodge lighting that will get you started. Once these basic elements are in place, you can then get carried away in all the other details to bring the entire theme together!