New Quilts for a New Year Perfect for Any Cabin

Quilts often bring us a sense of nostalgia, reminding us of chilly winter nights snuggled deeply in our beds, perhaps listing to a nighttime story or the crackling of a cheery fire. A beautiful quilt can quickly become the star attraction in any bedroom and Donna Sharp Quilts are specially designed for homes featuring rustic decor. Cabin quilts are almost a fundamental part of any room in which you what to bring a homey, rustic feel to. This year, start off by ordering from the Donna Sharp Quilts private label collection offered by The rich blues and greens in the Midnight Bear Quilt Collection are the perfect starter to a bedroom beautifully decorated in classic colors. The same can be said of the Donna Sharp Quilts designed with muted neutral tones in the Campfire Quilt Collection or the earthy colors in the Woodland Quilt Collection. Both cabin quilts offer the perfect start to a color scheme perfectly suited to rustic cabin design. 

These Donna Sharp Quilts and many other cabin quilts can all be found in the bedding section of They are all beautiful and high quality quilts, making it hard to decide on which of these stunning works of art should grace your bedroom. But don't think you have to decide on just one! If you find there is more than one pattern you absolutely love, why not get several cabin quilts, and switch them out from time to time! Each of these Donna Sharp Quilts are made with high quality material, sewn with a very high stitch rate, and bears the embroidered signature of Donna Sharp along with its production year on the reverse. Cabin quilts are reversible, with the reverse color equally appealing in any cabin decor. Whether you're looking to buy one or several cabin quilts for your home, you can't go wrong with a quilt from the Donna Sharp Quilts collection at!