Off Season Care For Your Cabin

It may be tempting to forget about your cabin during the off season but this is a mistake.  Caring for your cabin during this time allows you to avoid having too much to do when the on season rolls around again.  Here is what you need to know to properly handle off season care for your cabin.

Be Aware Of The State Of Your Cabin

Caring for your cabin means being aware of how it is doing.  This means that you have to visit it periodically to check on it.  This is a good idea in general and especially after storms where damage is more likely.  When you visit your cabin then do thorough inspections inside and out from the foundation to the roof.  This will help you know what you need to do.

Complete Repairs And Upkeep During The Off Season

Putting cabin repairs and maintenance off until later may sound like a good idea now but you will regret it later.  You will have to deal with them eventually and some problems get worse over time so what was a small problem could become a big one if you wait.  If your inspection showed that repairs were necessary then complete those during the off season.  The rest of the upkeep is just keeping the cabin clean and the grounds as well manicured as you want them to be.

Get Ready For The End Of Off Season Early

You don't want to begin the time that you spend at your cabin having to do all the maintenance work that you didn't do earlier and the same goes for updating the lodge decor.  Why use your vacation time buying decorative rustic pieces when you could have all your lodge decor already in place when your vacation time begins?  We have a full line of rustic decor items for decorating your cabin any time of year.

Off season care means keeping your cabin and cabin decor in good shape and ready for the on season.  You want to keep the structure and systems of the cabin in good shape and the cabin itself clean and well decorated.  The first few parts you can handle yourself but when it comes time to decorate using rustic cabin decor then come to us.