The Tale of The Old Rustic Rocking Chair

Rustic decor brings back many warm childhood stories to mind. A grandmothers story time on her rustic rocking chair, a creaky dinner table laden with food and happy meal times, an old study table; companion of many school evenings with endless homework and veranda swings, to enjoy breezy long nights. Beautiful times, weave memories to last a lifetime. Furniture is often associated with many memories. Being a commodity with durable and long lasting features, it serves consumers for longer periods of time. Therefore, changing or renewing furniture is an exercise that is not exceeded more than four to five times in an average lifespan. Thus, affiliation lasts for over a decade for most people. Depreciation and maintenance should be accounted for, but it is very difficult letting go of a lifeless yet comforting companion. 

Growing up, furniture and homes have long lasting memories, moving out and getting married, again calls for deep connection. Having children, shopping for baby cots, and nursing chairs, watching the children grow up and the furniture grow old is a beautiful process. Retiring with your spouse and continuing the old year's again calls for comfort and reliability. Therefore all phases and changes has attached with it; an unforgettable experience. Tale as old as time Cabin decor such as a rustic rocking chair has many stories to tell. For the art lovers and those who appreciate old fashioned pieces, rustic furniture is a delight. The intriguing wooden patterns, the smell of wood shavings, the feeling of solid firm wood is a pleasure to experience. 

Luckily, with the demand of rustic decor styled furniture, many manufacturers are creating designs imitating old furniture. The new furniture is processed in such a manner that it gives a rustic look, giving the piece more personality and appeal. Old is gold For the Scarlet O'Hara at heart, the old designs are easily available to choose from. Manufacturers have catalogues contained various designs from all the years. Choosing from an old design, will ensure that the excellence of the craftsmen is copied, the expertise is imitated, giving comfort, durability and appeal. A lot of thought was given to work in the old days when things were made with hand. 

Craftsmen put heart and soul into making a piece, like a brainchild, nurturing it till the finish. Therefore every design had reasons behind it supporting the design and shape of the furniture. Thus sticking with vintage is the best option. Care and love The trick of maintenance lies, within the amount of care given to the decor. Over time, rustic decor will get its share of damage, as it consists mainly of wood and log pieces. The best way to ensure durability is investing in a good high quality wood polish. 

Make it a weekly chore to polish the furniture with care. A soft dust cloth and circular movements ensure good condition of the furniture. Direct sun exposure is harmful for the shape and color, so veranda chairs/tables should be taken out in the evening. For afternoon extravaganzas, you may want to place cushions and mats to protect the rustic piece from drying or cracking out.