How To Pick Out The Perfect Western Shower Curtain

Whether you live in a ranch-style home, a farmhouse, or an apartment in the middle of a huge city, you can bring western bathroom decor into your home very easily. Western themes work wonderfully in homes but it's especially easy to pull this theme together in your bathroom. It all starts with the right Western shower curtain! Shower curtains are a great way to start off your western bathroom decor because they cover such a large area in what is usually a pretty small space. But how do you pick out the best one for your bathroom? Start by thinking about what the rest of your western bathroom decor will be, or what it already is. 

If you have wallpaper that has a bold pattern or lots of prints, choose a more subtle Western shower curtain such as one that is cream-colored and trimmed with small ropes or cowboy boots. If the rest of your bathroom decor is subtle, then feel free to go crazy with cowboy shower curtains, or shower curtains that are covered in horseshoes and stars! 

The key is to balance everything so it all comes together to make a beautiful Western bathroom decor, and not just a small space crammed with any Western decor you could find! Also, don't forget to think about your other western bathroom decor that you want to incorporate into your bathroom and make sure they match your Western shower curtain. This too, is all about making your Western bathroom streamlined and keeping it in the same kind of decor. Even when you're going with a Western theme, there are still many ways to make accessories and linens look out of place in a room. Make sure that everything matches or coordinates with each other, and you'll end up with a beautifully decorated Western bathroom! When it comes time to decorate your bathroom in a Western theme, make sure you check out all the Western shower curtains and other accessories we have to make your bathroom wonderfully Western!