Rustic Floors Need Special Care, Protect Them With Rustic Rugs!

If you have gone to the trouble to secure a vintage barn board floor or are struggling to maintain an original wood floor in your home, you probably worry about marks and scuffs marring the beauty of your floors. Rather than worrying, polishing, and buffing, try adding an assortment of rustic rugs to cover high traffic areas while still showcasing the natural beauty of your floors. Cabin rugs are made to be durable and versatile, able to serve as welcome mats and dirt catchers or simply protectors of the high traffic zones. 

Use rustic rugs to welcome guests to your home and let them know that you value nature and the outdoors the moment they enter. Utilize cabin rugs to catch the inevitable dirt and dust that accompanies shoes into the home or as a home for shoes that aren't allowed throughout the house. You can also use your rustic rugs as a mat while washing dishes or as a runner down oft-trodden hallways. 

There are plenty of options in rustic rugs available at, the home of true rustic decor for every room in your home. Cabin rugs are not limited to wildlife scenes or muted colors but can be found with a wide variety of natural themes and colors ranging from muted sunset colors to vibrant shades that will coordinate with virtually any design scheme.