Successfully Pulling Off a Rustic Cabin Decor

Incorporating rustic cabin decor into your home may seem like an exhausting task, but the end result is very rewarding. You can start by selecting an overall rustic theme. A lot of people prefer the wildlife motifs for cabin design, such as ducks, elks, wolves, bears and moose. Or, you can opt for nature themes such as maple leaves, pine trees, and pine cones. Other interior design themes for your log cabin are named from eras and areas, such as the Adirondack style, South-western style, North Woods, the Lodge look, Western Ranch, and Lake Cottage style. Each of these themes will look wonderful and several rustic decor furnishings and accents can be bought in such themes.

Do not hesitate to mix up rustic cabin decor themes any way you prefer. You can select various rustic design items from different stores. You may even decorate different rooms with various rustic themes for that rugged country appeal. Another interesting idea would be an assorted mix of imported items and antiques. When planning out your rustic cabin decor design, you can start by choosing rustic light fixtures. A cabin-themed combination fan and light can serve as the design anchor of the whole room.

You may also choose various dominating elements, such as the fireplace. The log mantle and stone hearth can inspire cabin decorating motifs, such as pine trees and birch bark canoes, moose coat hooks and bear switch plates, metal art ceiling lights, twig fixtures, or a wrought-iron fireplace silhouette screen. You may also start planning your rustic cabin decor design in the smallest room of the house. This can make the planning simpler to envision during the planning stage. Thing about making your bathrooms to stand out by adding wrought-iron towel bars or rustic hardware. Add moose or bear light switch covers or a beautiful outdoor-themed mirror.

Your rustic cabin decor can be overpowered by the colossal look of wood. With panelling on the ceiling, hardwood floors, and log walls, the dominant visual element is wood. Some people may appreciate this, but others might prefer to have some colors splashed into the mix in order to complement the timbers' and logs' attractive golden wood tones. Never hesitate to set up some drywall onto your interior walls. You can use this as your blank canvas to add color to your room.

You can also add texture to your walls by using plaster to give them depth. While bright colours will reflect the lighting of the cabin and brighten up the whole area, subtle earth tones will complement with the logs' rich tones and blend well with the entire log cabin theme. The floors are among the most important elements in rustic cabin decor design. However, their significance is often minimized and overlooked. The selections you make for your cabin flooring will somewhat dictate the entire look and design of your log cabin.

You may choose to make your flooring the significant element or make it a mere background for your show pieces, such as wrought iron benches, rustic wood tables, or soft leather couches.