Time to pull the cabin blankets out again! What to do with them now?

Summer's here and it is time to head up to the cabin again! Though you've likely been looking forward to it all winter long. One thing you are likely not looking forward to is washing bedding. Cabin bedding of all types and sizes can be cleaned without a pricy trip to the dry cleaner.
  • Washable comforters: If your cabin blankets and comforters can easily fit into a washing machine and are made of poly-fill, cotton or other washable materials, then you can easily wash them in your regular washing machine. Washing bedding in the washing machine is quite easy. Use the gentle cycle, on cold, and wash with gentle detergent, such as Dreft. Once done washing, hang on a line or over a railing to dry and fluff in the dryer with several scented dryer sheets. Cabin blankets and bedding can also be dried in the dryer on low heat or tumble dry.
  • Down comforters: For cabin bedding stuffed with down or artificial down filler, some extra care must be taken. Caring for bedding made with down is trickier, but can be done using your home washing machine or laundry mat machine. Since down can clump easily and distort the comforter shape, washing bedding in a front loading washing machine, which won't twist the comforter and clump the down too much. In addition, using a larger washing machine helps, as the down bedding needs more room to avoid clumping. Use the most delicate setting and wash with cold or warm water. Another trick to avoid clumping is to toss in a pair of clean white canvas shoes into the wash with the down comforter, which helps keep the comforter from twisting or clumping. Hang over railing to dry. Cabin bedding made from down takes hours to dry. Never put down cabin blankets in the dryer.
  • Oversize cabin blankets: Do not try to stuff oversize cabin bedding into a regular washing machine. Use an industrial size washing machine found at a laundry mat. They are more expensive to use than the regular machines, but much cheaper than dry cleaning.
  • Microsuedes and other non-washable fabrics: If your cabin blankets are not machine-washable, use a warm damp cloth and small sprays of upholstery cleaner to spot clean stains. To eliminate odors, try a fabric refreshing spray and allow to air dry.
For cabin bedding that is easy to care for, there are many options available online at rustic decor and bedding websites, where you can find cabin blankets and comforters that not only look great, but are easy to care for too.