Quality Donna Sharp Quilts

Donna Sharp quilts are exquisite in design and craftsmanship. With the quality handcrafting, beautiful designs, and fine details that are evident in each item, Donna Sharp quilts are distinct. For more than 30 years, this brand has been trusted by a lot of people fascinated by the different intricate patterns and colors it offers. With the more discriminating client in mind, this beautiful work of art is a joy to marvel and own. Each design represents a unique family history of quilting that cannot be found in any other products. The detailed borders and reversible backing truly makes these quilts a family heirloom. Proudly an American brand, quality and durability are assured in every piece that is purchased. In every stitch in Donna Sharp quilts, sophisticated and detailed designs are presented. Each tells a story and paints a picture using colors and fabrics that brings life to any room. To add strength, value and beauty to each piece, these bedspreads feature twice the normal stitch rate compared to hand-quilted ones. In addition, the use of excellent fabrics makes every set of Donna Sharp quilts is strong and durable while adding richness to its appearance. The rich textures and colors are expertly blended into traditional favorites. Unique and innovative styles are made possible because of the fineness of the fabrics.

What Makes Donna Sharp quilts special? Each duvet is a masterpiece and a true American form of art, a skill which was passed on through five generations of skilful quilters. It is no wonder that these quilted products are treasured for its choice designs and textures. With the introduction of the Signature Edition series, more unique and timeless designs are available. Donna oversees each design process personally and makes sure that it passes the highest mark of excellence and perfection. Layouts of fabrics are well thought of, which takes months to develop and improve. When these passed quality check for production, each one will be made using an intricate and meticulous process. Skilled workers measure thousands of these pieces which are afterward cut and then stitched using hand and machine. Customers are thrilled with each finished products, representing numerous hours of careful planning and designing. Superb design skills and craftsmanship are evident in each work of art. Creating a rustic, homey touch to any room is made possible by Donna Sharp quilts.

Theme inspired duvets and bedspreads can evoke a cabin-lodge atmosphere that is whimsical and country. Stylish and contemporary designs are available to answer the needs of every person with a heart for the provincial charm of the countryside. An extensive collection of lovely patchworks awaits the customer longing for these classic showpieces. These duvets are in full American sizes that fit most beds, giving a homey feeling and a true, country cottage look. Donna Sharp quilts are cherished heirlooms that can be passed on through generations of quilt lovers. All are certified 100% cotton, prewashed and machine washable. These reversible and custom quilts are designed in the good ole USA for over 30 years.